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GoFind.AI is a website about generative AI that will soon become your ultimate go-to resource for generative AI tools discovery, reviews, guides, prompts, and God knows what more this space will give us tomorrow. šŸ˜

Dee Miller

Dee Miller

Dee Miller is the founder and the writer at Go Find AI. Dee has been into AI since about 2018 when he first realized how revolutionary the AI tech is. Today when AI is all the hype, Dee is looking to make navigating the AI space easier for the newcomers.

My name is Dee, and I will be your guide here.

I am an AI enthusiast that has been following the industry of generative AI since 2019. Over the last several years, I witnessed the growth of this technology. From the first iterations of AI Dungeon and StyleGANs to the ‘modern days’ of generative AI where we have ChatGPT and AI image generators like Midjourney or Stable Diffusion.

I am by no means a professional or an expert, but I’ve had quite a lot of fun playing and working with these tools.

On this website I would like to share my learnings and continue the journey of exploring the AI world together with you!

My ‘mission’ and plans for the site

I’m super optimistic and excited about the AI space. I believe AI will change the world and the way we use Internet today. It will also dramatically change the way we work and have fun too!

AI will not replace you. A person using AI will.

some wise person on Twitter

There are people who are very good at using AI tools and people who are new to this that don’t know a lot.

My overall mission with this website is to make that knowledge gap as narrow as possible:

I want to help you find out how AI tools can benefit you specifically.

On GoFind.AI you will find AI tools lists, unbiased and honest reviews, prompt guides, articles for solving technical issues, and more!

It’s in the early stages just yet, and there’s not much just yet. I’ll keep updating this page as the website grows.

I hope you enjoy reading my reviews and find them helpful.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback, please feel free to contact me at notaigenerateddee (at) gmail (dot) com or on Twitter at @notAIgenerated

Iā€™d love to hear from you!

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